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Tamiya Morris Mini Cooper S MK1

This was built out of the box, but added more detail where i could, and painted in the original BMC Island Blue with the Old English White roof, i used a set of Minilite wheels instead of the non factory Cosmic 'RW10S' 4.5x10 wheels that were supplied in the kit, Bare metal foil was used to replicate all the chrome parts fitted to the Mini.


As I had another one of these kits on the shelf, i decided to build it the same, but this time using BMC Almond Greeen



These Tamiya kits are first class, very good molding, brilliant parts fit, but with the earlier Morris kit, there are a lot of inaccuracies, KEL 236 was actually the first Mini Cooper S. built by John Cooper, and was grey with a black roof, and had the Mini deluxe wheels.

Apart from that,I really don't know where Tamiya got there information on the car, the colour they tell you to paint the green version in Tamiya's X5. a shade was too dark to be close to the original Almond Green, you are told to paint the interior a mix of X5 & XF-5, again, way too dark, a better and much closer shade is  XF-21, and XF-55 for the light grey parts.

Another small but again inaccurate information is painting of the front indicator lenses, as it tells you to paint them Clear Red, were as they should be clear orange.

On page 4 it lists all the body colours for the Cooper's  but it lists two colours that were deleted a few years before, Surf Blue & Fiesta yellow.

The model is upto the usual Tamiya moulding and parts fit, but the information they give is not