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                                       Tamiya Citroen 2cv

This one is going to built and painted in Citroen Jaune primevere (Primula Yellow) and Gris Rose (Rose Grey) for the wheels and bumpers, I had the paint mixed up by, hopefully the model when finished will look like this.


 Above - Paint delivered from

 The bodyshell and all body colour parts were cleaned up, removing all mold lines, and then given a good soak in warm water with dishwasher detergent added, followed by a scrub using a toothbrush and some smokers tooth powder and then a rince in cool water, all parts were then left to dry on paper towels.


 Engine and gearbox, apart from a few ejector pin marks there wasn't too much to clean up, care had to be taken to fix on the front inboard brake drums withour glueing the driveshafts, as they need to move to line up with the wheels when finished, the engine will be painted aluminium and some parts will be picked out in semi gloss black



Bodyshell,body coloured parts in Primer


 Bodyshell and body colour parts and the  wheels  were given it's first coat of primer, using an Acrylic grey plastic primer, which covers well and is easily sanded afterwards, below, bodyshell after being sanded and washed.

 (Above) Bodyshell painted in cellulose "Jaune Primevere"

(Below) Wheels, Bumpers and front grill painted in Gris Rose Cellulose

Front & rear seats painted, I couldn't find a pre-mixed shade, so I had to have a go at mixing it myself, I was aiming at the colour in the photo below, I took the photo just after I had painted them, hopefully they will dull down after they have dried out, as I used satin gloss paints to mix the shade.


(Below) Seats afterthey have  dried, they have dulled down slightly, and look close enough for me., the rear screen surround on the 2cv is part of the roof and is covered in the same fabric as the roof panel, on the model is it molded as part as the bodyshell, so once the bodyshell was painted in bodycolour and left to dry, the surround was masked off and the body covered in clear food wrap to stop any overspray, and then painted satin black lacquer, the strip under the surround will be trimmed using aluminium BMF, as will the trims along the side of the body, the roof panel was also sprayed in satin black lacquer, I'm not sure yet if I will fix the roof panel on, as Tamiya give ytou both options of open and closed roof.


(Below) Engine & Gearbox painted, it was first airbrushed with grey plastic primer, followed by a few light coats of Alclad aluminium, once dried it was masked up and the gearbox and cylinder heads were airbrushed with Tamiya semi gloss black, the carburettor was picked out in Tamiya Titanium gold.


Door panels painted, as I didn't have any browns in Tamiya, I did have some in Humbrol, I used #118 mixed with cellulose thinners, so they won't take ages to dry out, I will leave them for a few days and then I will need to remask them and paint the tops of the door paels satin black to match the dashboard,door panels were again masked up and the top parts were airbrushed in satin black lacquer


 Interior was built up using 4 minute 2 part epoxy glue, dash decal was added and a small amount of Walthers decal setting solution was used to make the decal snuggle into place, small silver parts were done using Plastikote chrome silver and a small brush.


 (Below) Engine & Gearbox and cooling fan fitted into the chassis, wheels and tyres were added at the same time.

 Spent a little time polishing out the bodywork

 Interior rear veiw mirror fitted and sunvisors painted flat white, the mirror was part of the chrome sprue, and I was going to strip the chrome off then paint it, but had second thoughts and left it as chrome and painted the black over the chrome, but left the chrome showing for the mirror glass, it looks quite realistic.

Interior and body was fitted together using 4 minute epoxy glue, it was taped together until the glue had set, this has got to be the best fitting interior on a model kit I have ever put toether.



Above - Side trims on doors were done using aluminium BMF.the trim on the rear wing will be done using the same method.

Below - Most of the BMF has now been finished, there's just the trim below the canvas roof to do now, the chassis and body have been fixed together, the holes in the chassis plate had to be drilled out slightly as they were too tight to fit together, probaly because of the paint on the chassis.



 The Headlamp bowls were stripped of there chrome as I thought the chrome in the kit looked a little bit toy like, so I stripped all the chrome and re-did them using chrome Alclad.

The headlamps and lenses were fitted onto the bar, which needed fitting on top of the fan housing, but doing this, the bar didn't line up with the indents in the bonnet, so the fan housing had to be removed, the bar was glued onto the housing, once dried, the fan housing was refitted, doing this casued the housing not to line up with the rest of the engine, the bonnet isn't a great fit, but I'm hoping once the front bumper is fitted it will hold the bonnet in place. 


Front & Rear bumpers fitted, looking on some modelling forums and build reviews, it seems that the misalignment of the front lamps and bonnet are a common issue with this kit,I managed to get around the lamp issue by removing the fan housing, fixing on the lamps then refitting the fan housing,I am leaving the bonnet as it is, as the only solution is the glue the bonnet shut, which isn't what I wanted to do.  

Below - Aluminium BMF applied to the rear trim between the boot and roof panel.


 After taking a short break from modelling over the summer, now the weather has turned, it's time to crank on the heating and get some modelling done, so once again the little 2CV was taken out of it's plastic container it had been stored over the summer, the window trim (Which is molded as part of the window glass) had been previously painted and the front one's trimmed out using BMF, these were fixed into place using 5 minute clear epoxy glue.


 Windows masked ready for airbrushing

 Rear lights were airbrushed in Tamiya clear orange then the red was applied by brush, the rear fog lamp was painted using Tamiya clear red, all lenses were painted silver on the reverse.99.9% finished, just wipers to add plus a few decals


99.9% finished, just the front wipers, and a few decals to apply and it's finished, the door handles and mirrors were stripped of the chrome they come in, as they looked too shiny and toy like, and were redone using Alclad lacquers, the side wing mounted indicators were airbrushed using Tamiya clear orange and the edges were picked out using semi gloss enamel.


 Well this build has been on the go (On & Off) Since July 2011, so I can gladly say it is now 100% finished, and as all of my model replicate what would be in a new car showroom, there is no number plates on any of my models.