Scale Auto Replica's


                           Tamiya 1966 VW Beetle

Built out of the box with just a bit of detail added, all chrome was added using Bare Metal Foil, paint was mixed to the factory shade of Sea Blue, sprayed on using a Badger 250 spray gun, left to dry, then polished out

Bodyshell just out of the spray booth


Bodyshell Polished


Dash & Interior Installed 


Engine & Gearbox Painted 

Engine & Gearbox fitted onto chassis. 


Bodyshell dry fitted onto chassis, fitted without any problems. 

 Bodyshell, Boot and Bonnet hand polished using Meguires NXT wax 


Inner door panel painted body colour, then masked off and painted with Tamiya AS-16 Light Grey, details picked out in silver and white paint 


 Side window trim and rear screen trim done using Chrome Bare Metal Foil

All window frames now finished, pretty hard to do with the BMF as there pretty thin,  I don't think it would be any easier masking them and painting with Alclad.


  Side trims were done using chrome BMF, windows fitted in using 5 minute epoxy,which to be honest were a real pain to fit, the front window went in with no problems, but the side windows put up a bit of a fight, as there isn't much material to apply the glue to, there's a small tab on the front and rear corners plus the parts between the two windows, and the rear screen didn't seem to want to fit at all, but i won in the end.

Chrome trim added to the bonnet, again this was added using chrome BMF 

Body & Chassis fixed together, running boards added .

  Headlamps, front Indicators and Bumper Fitted, number plates were done frst by covering them in BMF, then using a small cotton bud, rubbed the VW logo and badge with lacquer thinners.

 Rear lamps were first masked off then painted body colour, then re-masked and painted clear orange, then masked again and painted clear red, because the way Tamiya moulded them as one unit, not there best idea, it would have been a lot simpler if they had made the lamp lenses as seperate parts.





 All Finished, it does look like the real deal, but it wasn't the easiest model I have built, not one for the beginner !

 Now safe in it's made to measure acrylic showcase, again made  by Dave Poole, see the "Links" section for his details.