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                    1965 Morris Mini Cooper S in Fiesta Yellow

After building many Mini Cooper models, I needed another to go in the showcase with the Surf blue model, and the only colour left that I hadn't yet done was Fiesta yellow, not a very popular colour for the Coopers, and was dropped as an option in mid october 1965, so the bodyshell of the Tamiya kit will need modifying the same as the Surt blue model I did,

The Fiesta Yellow paint was ordered from paints4U, and was delivered the next day, I've always had nothing but first class service from this company, I will crack on with this after I have got the bench clear of the models I am building at the moment.

Now that Revell have got there 1964 Morris Mini Cooper (Non S) ready for release very soon, and the fact that I have one on pre-order, I will be using the Revell model for this project as the bodyshell and door handles will not need to be modified. 

You can find the build here :-