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                         Tamiya 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S

As I have already built 4 Tamiya Mini Coopers, I wanted to build one in a different colour to the four I had already built, and there was only two colour left that I could do them, but both Surf Blue & Fiesta Yellow were both deleted in 1965, Surf Blue was replaced with island Blue and Fiesta Yellow was deleted and never replaced.

The Tamiya kit represents a post 1966 Mini Cooper S 

Pre January 1966 Coopers didn't have the safety boss fitted to the doors, the door handles were also slightly shorter, and didn't have the curve in them to line up with the safety boss, converting the Tamiya Mini Cooper is pretty straight forward.

Door before being modified, notice the safety boss fitted in front of where the door handle is mounted 

Door after being modified, the safety boss was simply sanded off

Door handle were simply reshaped

Bodyshell and Body parts sprayed with grey plastic primer

 Body was then sprayed in white primer, it will now be block sanded again before getting the top coat


I managed to get the Surf Blue paint mixed, and top coated the body parts, these will be left to dry out for a couple of weeks, then polished out


After trying a few acrylic pains without much success I found some Winsor & Newton Acrylic paint in Hobbycraft, and after being thinned with there Acrylic flow Improver, the paint sprayed very well, a few coats lightly sprayed at 30 p.s.i and the needle turned down to fine, I was very happy with the results, I will now leave them to dry out for a few weeks, before I mask them up and spray the grey centres, the floor was painted with Americana blue acrylic paint.

   Bodyshell Polished using Poorboys SSR2 on a polishing mop in a Minicraft drill set to speed number 3




Rear seat was masked off and painted with Tamiya flat grey (XF-19), I wasn't sure if the Tamiya paint would react with the artist acrylic, but it went on with no problems, the front seats were done in the same way. 



  Bodyshell given one last polish, this time by hand and using Meguires NXT Tech Wax



Engine & Gearbox painted using Single pack acrylic, the nearest shade I have found to the original BMC engine green, is Vauxhall leaf Green, the distributor cap was painted with Tamiya's XF-64, Red Brown, the subframe was painted with black cellulose paint, the decals for the rocker covers were supplied in the kit, and was settled down with a few drops of Walthers Solvaset.


Engine & Gearbox and subframe fixed to the floorpan. 

 Front Subframe & Gearbox


Engine & Gearbox complete with servo, Coil and radiator and fan installed.


Rear subframe & hubs installed 


Road wheel as supplied in the kit


Road wheel after the holes have been drilled out. 


 Wheels painted in Old English White cellulose


 Dashboard masked up ready for painting the clocks and dash top rail.

 Dashboard Finished, using the new USB microscoope, I managed to paint the switch panel surround, still not easy as I really need to get used to it, decals were applied, then a thinned coat of clear 5 minute epoxy was applied over them.


Wheels & Tyres being fitted, I always use a 4 or 5 minute epoxy for this, and use two 6 inch steel rules and small set squares so I know the wheels are going to dry correctly lined up



 Interior finished, chrome around thee gearlever was done using  BMF, indicator switch on steering column was done by first painting the arm silver, then picking out the end in Tamiya transparant green

 Door panel finished, chrome parts was done using BMF, in previous builds of the Mini's I never noticed the top trim on the real thing is also chrome, I suspect that this is a one piece trim that goes to the outside and acts as a channel for the windows to slide in, this was done using chrome BMF, but was a littlmore thricky than the lower chrome parts, other details were picked out using acrylic paints.

Chrome added to wheel arches and sill, again this was done using chrome BMF. 


 Chrome trim added around the window frames, the front window was done in four sections.

All chrome window trims finished, front window seal was done using a chisel edged permanent marker, the trick here is not to try to do it in one go, let it dry then go around again, it may take around 3 attemps to get it looking right, but in the end it does look good, and the chisel edge of the marker makes it easy to follow the lines of the seal without going over onto the paintwork..the rear screen will be done in the same way. 


Roof  gutter trim paint in body colour, it was masked off and airbrushed using the cellulose paint used for the body, a tricky job to do, but it wouldn't look right if left un-painted, roof was then fixed on using small amounts of 5 minute epoxy glue. 

 Windows were fitted using 4 minute epoxy,over the years I have tried many different glues to fixing the clear parts, but I always come back to fast setting epoxy,if care is taken, you shouldn't get any glue residue on the clear parts and the bond is very strong,if you do make a mistake and get some of the glue onto the clear parts, it can be cleaned off using methalated spirits on a cotton bud.

 Bodyshell & Chassis fitted together, chrome hubcaps, front grilll and headlamps fitted.

 Rear light were done slightly different to the other Mini's I have built, previously I just brush painted them using Tamiya clear acrylic's, this time I tried airbrushing them, the orange was done first, left to dry then masked up using 3mm masking tape and then airbrushing the clear red, the chome was done using chrome BMF.

 The front indicators were done the same way as the rear, although they didn't need masking off, the chrome was even harder to do because of the small size.


The rear boot badge was done using a photoetched badged fixed on using Tamiya clear acrylic.

All Finished !